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Can we finally get rid of Rocky? This is the last straw.…

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OriginalFunko RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win a Deadpool on Scooter Pop!

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@powellnathanj Old ass motherboard doesn't support it or I would have in a heartbeat.

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I would totally buy a soundtrack album.

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Considered buying a new home server, but decided more RAM will do the trick for quite some time. Upgraded from 8 to……

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TrueFactsStated We are well on way to financing our second billboard with sales from the Treason Token.…

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Shovel Knight for Switch acquired. Retro side scroller game day is today!

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Ohh, Trump is hiding Melania as a setup to bow out saying family medical issues. I like the way you people think. K……

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Scored a 12 pack of Zima baby. Party like it's the 90s.

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nerdist The Roci will fly again! Amazon has officially renewed for season 4:…

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NickFierro Joe West. Again.

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The Phantoms totally Flyered this series. Get blown out to lose 4 games to none. Yikes.

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Phantoms look dead on the puck. This was a fun run boys.

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Yes yes you updated your privacy policy I get it already.

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Hello heartburn my old friend...

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@krazylegz That's it! Got the flashlight cheap, turns out it needs special batteries. Dang it.

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I guess I missed this yesterday, but now the GOP wants to crowdfund that fucking wall? LOLOLOL

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TonyAndrock A frustrated Alex Lyon kicks at a Mason Marchment in his crease and he's ejected. Five minute major and a game misconduct.

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jfreewright If the NFL thing was about the flag & anthem, you’d be outraged when Trump doesn’t hold a hand over his heart & bot……

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